Leaving a mark on the world
with our creativity and
your brand.

who we are

Who we are

We are a team of strategic communicators with experience in 360 degree media solutions, working for your brand with the objective of leaving a mark in the audience.

When it comes to empowering a business or an individual, we do it with the help of our creatively infused yet strategically built plans.

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OUR Services

As we believe, when you have a brand name, you need.


It’s all about the distinctive image of your brand!

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They say good strategies are hard to find, well, not here!

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Digital Media

Stay ahead of the competition on one of the largest country in the world – Digital Media.

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Public Relations

What headline are you looking for your brand story?

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The way you communicate through your brand, decides where you are headed to.

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Whether you offer a product or a service, we will make it go viral.

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Video Production

Have an idea for a video? Let’s achieve the vision in a visually appealing way.

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ATL Advertising

Television, cinema, radio or print? We’ve got it all covered.

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BTL Advertising

Targeting very specific, memorable and direct advertising activities focusing on targeted groups of consumers.

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Media Planning & Management

We don’t just plan, we strategize.

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OUR Clients



From your name in the newspapers to your brand all over the internet, it can all be done.



Like a cliché ‘we are also on the lookout for creatively infused players’. If you think you have it, we’d love to have you on board.

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